Our Story

“Fashion has two purposes:  

Comfort and Love

Beauty comes when Fashion Succeeds” - Coco Chanel


About Lux and Love

I love Fashion in Every form!  I love to see the smile and confidence the right outfit can bring to every woman.  I felt the need to go outside of my comfort zone and start a journey to find unique and beautiful pieces that make everyone feel amazing, and that is how LuxandLove was born.   I have always loved dressing for every occasion and helping my girlfriends create looks that they love, and maybe would not have thought to try themselves.  It has become a passion of mine to create a site where women can shop and know everything is a quality piece that was picked out by a team of experts; with Luxury and Love in mind!


More About the Founder

Growing up in Myrtle Beach, SC and being a people watcher, I have seen my fair share of unique styles, and love seeing how people express themselves through their look.  I was always a worker bee from a young age and worked throughout high school to afford the clothes and car I wanted.  I’m blessed to have started dating my dream man at 17 and I started working with him marketing insurance.  We got married when I was 20 and when I had my first child at 21 I chose to be a stay at home Mom.  When my first child was just 6 months old I found out I was pregnant with my second son.  I loved being a stay at home mom but I have looked forward to having my passion come to life and get back to the work grind.  With my kids getting older, this is the perfect time for me to start a new adventure and focus on my Love of fashion.  I am so thankful for my boys and my husband that pushed me and supported me in this exciting new chapter.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build confidence and joy in every woman no matter the occasion.  Everyone should be able to look at their closet and love it!